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so, today at work, i was linked over to the People's Choice Awards and i voted... and Leverage was NOT represented. Grifter/Kaniac says grr. however, you can click OTHER and enter your own choice. so, yeah, i'm totally stuffing the ballot box for Leverage. go do the same. let's get our show some awards!
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[personal profile] fannyanns2009-05-21 09:22 am

hi everybody!

Hi there!

*waves nicely*

is anybody from anywhere near Spokane, WA going to the concert in Portland on June 7th?  I wanna share gas money.

Hope you're well,

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[personal profile] morgentau2009-05-20 01:35 pm

Leverage Icontest

Hi there, fellow Christian Kane fans!

I wanted to give this a try and created [community profile] the_icon_job, a Leverage icontest.

If you're interested, join the community right away and spread the word among fellow Leverage lovers!

First challenge will be up next Monday (25th).
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[personal profile] dea2009-05-02 12:50 am
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Welcome to the Christian Kane fan community on Dreamwidth!

More information and rules to be posted soon but, meanwhile, feel free to get started.